Your most memorable Valentine Moment of 2019

So, I assume you were able to get past the so-called Valentine's Day 2019. My personal opinion is that if one was to show real love to their friends, neighbors , and loved ones, hate wouldn't exist in a country that is so divided by hate, discrimination and bigotry.

Yet we are bombarded each year by gigantic boxes of chocolates, bouquets of roses, hearts and teddy bears., not to mention the long lines of waiting to get that last minute Valentine's Day card, to tell that special someone how much you care.

Well that's all very nice, but the most important element is Communication. You can do that each and everyday. It's just that simple. Be straight up and honest and tell your significant other how you feel, and what your needs and expectations are of and from them.

With the said, I would like to share how my day went yesterday on quote "Valentnes Day"

My wife and I had decided that we would take advantage of the dinner package that was being offered by PF Changs Annapolis. That was on sale at Costcos. It wasn't specifically for Valentines Day, but hey why not use it on that day.

Earlier in the day I went to work and prepared to host a group of dynamic women, seniors if you will for an afternoon of music fun and food. So first stop, Costcos, I knew they would have a great sale on roses. Next step,get to work and set up the music. One of my many talents is that I am also a very talented DJ from Old School- to -Today. SoI picked up a dozen roses and got to work to get ready for the party. Well, 10 lovely ladies showed up and I was able to entertain them for 4 straight hours of reminiscence through my vast knowledge of music, especially from back in the day, and not once did I play any Go-Go music, which is synonymous to folk in the DC area. No I chose music I grew up on which goes back to the '50s. I was born in 1946 but I wasn't aware of music back then, until my pre-teens.

So the day was a successful event, and there I was dressed in my fine attire of a red jacket, and my custom red hat (Made by none other than Bunn Hats of Harlem), (Shout Out)!!! The ladies loved it and I presented each one of them with a red rose and told them how much I appreciated their love and support by their participation in the program's I offer each day where I work at the Theodore R. Hagans jr., Cultural Center, in Washington, DC.

So, later that evening, my wife and I drove to Annapolis and met up with friends, (neighbors) at PF Changs in Annapolils, MD.

Dinner was great and while I was there people watching, as a photographer, I'm always keeping a sharp eye out for that one amazing shot. Well I must say, the women were looking fabulous, but there was this one couple that stood out most. She, drop-dead gorgeous, he was ok, but interesting enough to notice both of them with curiosity. Well as God would have it I found out.

Before I get into that, let me back-track. I was telling my neighbors about a situation that had happened to me a few weeks ago when I went with my wife to Aruba to celebrate her birthday. Secretly, I had purchased an upgrade of her wedding band. White gold and diamonds all over the place.

We arrive at BWI airport only to be told due to weather advisory conditions that we wouldn't be able to fly out that day, no problem, at least we could still go to Aruba, but just one day later. Kool, that means we get to come back on Saturday and not Friday. So we get back on the shuttle and return to our car, and lo and behold on the ground next to the car was the gift bag with the ring box inside. I was both blown, and thankful. I immediately scooped it up and put it in my pocket saying nothing to my wife about what had happened. I decided to share that with her at some other time.

So I'm sharing this story and I get up to go to the car and retrieve the gift cards and I noticed the couple sitting behind us and the guy was giving his fiancé' a ring box. Fantastic!! How romantic right? It also happened to be her birthday.

The story behind my purpose of writing this in the first place is because of their story. Turns out that they both had been dating for a while, law students, and with all that it was testing the relationship. So getting back to the ring box. He actually gave her a ring back that she had originally given back to him when he initially proposed. Well to God be the glory! This time she accepted and was quite happy to accept the ring again.

So many of you readers might think, cute story right?, but Brother Man, made a move that was Classic to say the least. He reached in his pocket and presented her with an upgrade that had her speechless! It was a really nice engagement ring, but the Move was classic. That's how a real man treasures his lady-love. Little things that mean the most, not the cost of the ring, but the gesture and the presentation. It made me proud to see a young brother that had his head on straight and deserved to be with this drop-dead gorgeous woman. I wish them much success towards a fruitful and prosperous Union .

Thanks to those of you that read this missive to its entirety.

One Love!

    • Sorrell Eugene Greene
      Sorrell Eugene Greene

      Care to share your memorable Valentines Day Moment?

      • Mekaboo-Admin

        Such a beautiful story Bud, thank you so very much for sharing!

        As far me my most memorable took place when I was 26. I was a custodian with the postal service and befriended a young man who worked on the mail machines. Up until that moment I never experienced a VDay the way I thought it should be spent..going out to dinner and such. Honestly I didn't date much at all so romance was somewhat foreign to me. I was so excited for the night and looking forward to it tremendously!

        On VDay dressed in some black form fitting slacks and a cute red blouse I got from Susan Fashion, I met my friend at what use to be Georgetown Mall. He looked dapper wearing a suit holding a rose that he gifted me with! Our original dinner choice was Filomena on Wisconsin which is by far some of the best Italian food in the City but it was packed(duh lol) so we decided to try La Cheumeire, a lovely French space around the corner on M st.

        Leaving the eatery we both noticed it started to rain and it was cold as well. Being that we were both metro bound the 2 of us waited for the G2 bus on Dumbarton wrapped up together trying to stay warm. When the bus made it to 7th and P we parted with hugs thanking each other for a beautiful night. It was a time I will never forget!

        Time has past and unfortunately I lose touch with him but miss my friend dearly. I hope wherever he is his life is flourishing and is as amazing as he was <3