Keng City challenges stereotypes on the hypergrid

Keng City challenges stereotypes on the hypergrid

Here is a short piece of my 1st interview with Hypergrid Business!!:

Keng City, OpenSim’s only major African-American grid is working to promote awareness and inclusivity on the hypergrid, and to battle prejudice, with exhibits, events, and destinations of interest.

Even simple things, like finding appropriate avatars, can be a challenge for OpenSim’s users.

“We struggle finding culturally related items for our avatars,” grid owner Nubian Keng told Hypergrid Business.

And even when appropriate avatars are available, some users find it uncomfortable to wear them.

“Honestly, some hide behind white avatars just to get accepted into some virtual communities because they don’t want the hassle of revealing themselves as being African-American,” he said.

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