Armenian Beauties

Armenian Beauties

Where in the world is Armenia?????

    • Sorrell Eugene Greene
      Sorrell Eugene Greene

      So, today I learned 2 things. One was to learn how to use Actions in Photoshop. My subscription to is really paying off. I learned how to use skin smoothing applications, and lastly I learned something about the Land this lovely model Lina Abisogomayan, that shoots with me on occasion is from. If you noticed the few recognizable names, you be wanting to go to Armenia and find you a pretty one......Ugh aint dat right Kanye????

      All jokes aside, google the names of the ladies I mentioned and you'll see its not just about beauty, but these some badd-ass ladies.

      • Mekaboo-Admin

        As far as Armenia and the culture all I know is the Kardashian and not much else. I wonder is there anything Armenian related in this area to check out?

        As far as the model she is a STUNNER, beautiful work!!!