Boudoir Bliss

What do you recommend to enhance the loving in the bedroom?

    • Sorrell Eugene Greene

      By Sorrell Eugene Greene

      I think the most important thing to focus on is the intention. Are you there just to selfishly satisfy your own needs or are you willing to do whatever it takes to bring your partner/ love interest to total satisfaction?

      I think as a man, my greatest challenge is the fact that women can look up longer than a man can look down, Huh??? You say???

      We've all heard stories about women that fake orgasm's. Well as a fellow, I can't honestly fake it. Once we shoot our load, we're done, at least temporarily, but women can make you feel that you have reached their Nirvana zone and you will never know the difference. Brothers you know what I'm talking 'bout.

      Now there is the old pimp game rule, git your first nut before you climb aboard, in order for the ride to last longer. Interesting terminology wouldn't you say? Ride, as in a car, around the park, ride the bus, or ride a horse...How insensitive!!

      Engaging in sexual intercourse with a woman should never be compared to mounting a horse or any other type of animal. I feel it should be viewed as an incredible experience, one that should be enjoyed from start to finish, and there is no determination as to when the exact finish should be.

      Ok dudes so you busted off too soon, and you lay there waiting for the next erection, what???? She's laying there unfulfilled, thinking, "this Niggah"

      The main problem with this scenario is miseducation.....Brothers it takes more than an erect penis to totally satisfy your woman. If you can stimulate her mind, and are willing to do whatever it takes to wait for her to catch up in the excitation mode, then together you all will experience total ecstacy together

      Oh what a Blissful moment, oh what a beautiful experience. Try it and you'll see....

      Most importantly, keep an open mind and never say never......Lastly but not least, never ever forget, "the power of the PUSSY!!!

      • Mekaboo-Admin

        By Mekaboo-Admin

        That's where communication comes in. They say sex and money are the root of relationship s ending but it's communication. If couples would be more vocal about what they want in the bedroom and how they want it done alot of disappointment would go away.

        Whether the couple has been together for a small or long time both parties need to speak out and make sure that all are on the same page that way when they get down to it both will end up being fully satisfied!