A Natural Beauty

    Sorrell Eugene Greene
    By Sorrell Eugene Greene
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    A Natural Beauty

    I can only imagine what magic will take place the next time we shoot, as there's always that element of surprise that we are able to capture for eternity's sake for all to see.

    In my opinion, this image captures the true beauty of this truly amazing woman.

    Flawed and Imperfect, yet she goes through life in her meek and humble manner, encouraging me to see the genius that lies within me, that I'm often far too busy to recognize or see, and I'm sure she does the same for others that she meets along her Jounaai called LIFE.

    This ones for you my friend, no retouching, no airbrushing, no "Tromphe L'oeil", simply an image of the true beauty that you are and I thank you for being my Friend......May God Bless!